06Jun / 2013

black angus coupon

Rules of the use of gift cards and coupons:

- You can choose a suitable gift card or coupons denomination and design.
- Face value of the card is indicated on the front side.black angus coupon free
Card is used for payment for goods at any store of Black Angus irrespective of your place of purchase card.
- The card and coupons is valid within one year from the date of sale, if your card balance greater than zero.
- Activation of the card is carried out as a cashier at the checkout simultaneously with a sale of the cards. Mandatory confirmation of the activation of the card is to check activation (printed cashier)issued to the buyer.
- Card is a confirmation of an advance payment and gives the Card holder the right to purchase any goods in the stores of the chain at an amount not exceeding the face value of the Card, in the range and conditions stipulated by the company. When exceeding the total value of the cards You need to pay the remaining amount.
Card, bad quality (not activated or damaged magnetic stripe (not read at the checkout)), are not accepted.
- Black Angus coupons or Card can be used several times until it is exhausted face value of the card.
- Goods purchased on a gift card, be exchanged or returned on a General basis in accordance with the Law on protection of consumer rights.
Card is not refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
- Take care of the card and coupon in case of loss or damage, the card is not restored. Keep you card from moisture, electrical, magnetic fields, cell phones!

On questions of purchase of gift cards, contact the restaurant Black Angus in your city or by phone.

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