06Jun / 2013

Black Angus coupons 2014

Wondering what to give to a friend, relative, or colleague?

Black Angus coupons solves the problem of choosing a gift!!!

With the Gift card “Black Angus” your family can choose a gift for yourself!

black angus coupon

Gift vouchers to the value of 5, 10, 30, 50 and 100 usd is both a gift and a nice surprise!

Rules on the sale and use of the Gift card “Black Angus”:

1. The gift card can be used only in the shops of the city, which was purchased.
2. Gift card Black Angus coupons are sold and can be used only in a network of shops “Black Angus”.
3. The gift card or coupons is a public offer and eliminates the need for the conclusion of the contract between the seller and the buyer, according to article 435 of the civil code.
4. Gift card is valid on the entire range of products in the stores network “Black Angus”.
5. The Gift card, the buyer can purchase several products at a time.
6. Gift card in case of loss or damage is not restored.
7. Gift card or coupons exchange and is not refundable.
8. Gift card for simultaneous use.
9. Cash balance on the Gift card after the purchase the buyer will be cancelled. If the purchase amount exceeds the size of the face value specified on the front side of the card, the buyer pays the excess amount separately.
10. The gift card is withdrawn from the buyer purchases.
11. The gift card and coupon may be used as initial payment for the purchase on credit.

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