07Jun / 2013

Black Angus coupons 2014 offers

For convenience of our customers the company Black Angus coupons 2014 offers to use the opportunity to present sofa or Cabinet furniture, without leaving home or bringing a gift with you in your pocket.

How is this possible? In our company it’s easy, convenient and secure!

Free Appetizer or Dessert!

For an anniversary, birthday, Wedding, housewarming, any other celebration, you can serve the sofa in the gift in the form of a plastic GIFT CARD or coupons!

Purchase the card you can store private network Color of Sofas or by its delivery at any convenient time and place.

Rules of the use of gift cards:
The holder of the gift card is LLC Black Angus coupons. Ratings gift cards or coupons: 10, 20, 30, 50, 70, 100 usd.
- Expiry date – 31.12.2014 Gift card cannot be used after the expiration date.
- The gift card is not refundable. In case of loss, damage and theft of the gift card is not restored.
- The detailed rules of the use of the gift card can be found in any store retail network «Black Angus»

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