04Oct / 2013

$29 for a 30 Minute Manicure, a 45 Minute Pedicure and a 30 Minute Micro Facial at Balance Beauty Clinic (Save 84%)

After you’ve taken your part in shopping and wrapping of Christmas gifts for your family, relatives and friends , it’s time to give yourself a reward for all the good things you have done this year. Consider today’s offer from DealFind. Spend only $29 for a 30-minute manicure, 45-minute pedicure and a 30-minute micro facial from Balance Beauty Clinic and Black Angus coupons.

When it comes to providing clients a premium and luxurious spa experience, Balance Beauty Clinic is one of your best choices. Enjoy your total pampering treatment today with your voucher of a trio-treatment: 30-minute manicure and 45-minute pedicure to restore your nails back in tip-top shape, plus a 30-minute micro facial to get rid of skin impurities, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and give your skin a healthy and vibrant glow. Take some time off the daily grind and devote some time for yourself when you purchase this 84%-off manicure, pedicure and micro facial from Balance Beauty Clinic.

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